Sustainable Sneakers


The body and interiors of the shoe are made out of “Bioleather”, which is chromium-free leather, which gives maximum quality to the shoes, something that for us is unquestionable.

The leather industry poses a serious threat to the health of those who work in tanneries.90% of the workers in leather tanneries in Asian countries die before age 50 and suffer from Tuberculosis during their lives. This is mainly due to the Chromium, one of the most harmful existing chemical, not only for the health of the Shoemaker but also for the environment.

In an exercise of innovation and sustainability we have managed to develop leathers without chromium. We use these on the outside and inside of our shoe. Thus, your feet are in contact with a healthier material.

Currently, 90% of the world footwear is produced in Asia. Most of the times workers are squeezed as if they were machines: precarious salaries, endless days and scarce security in their factories. In Blangladesh, fashion workers earn € 28 / month, half of what they need to cover their basic needs. Children and men often live on the floor of the factory where they work. Children also work in tanneries that seriously threaten their health and it is common that during the first years they do not receive any salary.

In our case, skilled lifelong shoemakers create our shoes in sustainable workshop in Felgueiras (Portugal) where artisans truly love the work they do. We’re proud to say they maintain a high standard of ethics, paid fairly, and most importantly, treated like family. This way we are empowering local industry, reducing transport distances and what’s even more important, we are avoiding the dangerous effects of Chromium on the shoemakers and also on the environment.

It is estimated that within 100 years there will be no rainforests. The rate of deforestation equals to loss of 20 football fields every minute.

In Wado we are aware of the deforestation that our planet is suffering. That is the reason why we collaborate with the NGO We Forest. When you buy a pair of shoes, we plant two trees in the Mawphlang area, in the northeast of India. Together we can reforest the most needed areas, in addition to help local communities to provide employment, wood and food resources.


We also want to be “Green” in our production processes. That’s why we have unceasingly looked for a supplier capable of meeting our values. After many tries we spotted a very small factory in Felgueiras, Portugal, well known for its footwear production where artisans truly love the work they do. By working with this factory, we are empowering local industry, reducing transport distances and what’s even more important, as they use chromium-free processes in their footwear production, we are avoiding the dangerous effects of this toxic product on the shoemakers and also on the environment. Chromium is one of the most harmful existing chemicals.